Taking Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

Taking Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

During the first month of pregnancy, you may not notice significant changes in your body or your emotions. However, your hormones will start to change because you are carrying life inside you.

To properly take care of your child growing inside you, you must properly take care of yourself first. Your self-care extends to the health of your baby. We, at Carcar Women and Children Lying-In Polyclinic & Laboratory, a trusted maternity clinic in Carcar, recommend these practical steps to ensure a healthy pregnancy:

  • Learn how to manage your symptoms.
    To do so, you can either do your research or set an appointment with an obstetrician from any 24 hours hospital.
  • Take prenatal vitamins.
    To ensure a healthy pregnancy, you will need to take prenatal vitamins. Any polyclinic in Carcar can provide you with a list of the prenatal vitamins that you need.
  • Create a healthy diet plan.
    Learn what you must eat to get the right nourishment for you and your baby. Also, learn what food and beverages you must avoid, such as alcohol and unpasteurized food. Remember, your nourishment during this period also affects your baby’s nourishment.
  • Start an exercise routine.
    Fun fact: the more you exercise, the shorter your labor will be. So, start exercising as early as your first month of pregnancy!

But, if you’re ready to welcome your new child, consider lying-in in Carcar City. It’s a good way to recover from childbirth.

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